Wiley Putnam takes a photo at sunset on the Washington Coast.

Hi, I'm Wiley


Here’s a little about myself before we get a chance to know each other:

I was born and raised in Seattle, and love it here. It’s been my home for the last 30 years. There’s so much to see and do in the Pacific Northwest. The area is a constant source of adventure and inspiration, and I love getting out and exploring.

I found my love of photography in college, and it quickly turned into one of my biggest passions.

Fast forward a few years, I’ve got my my dream job, and couldn’t be happier!

About Wiley Putnam, a Seattle wedding photographer

Wedding photography is my passion

I absolutely love what I do

Seattle Wedding Photographer, Wiley Putnam on an adventure.

It's a Magical World

Let's Go Exploring

This quote has always stood out to me. It's from a Calvin and Hobbes comic, but I think it's so simple and profound.

This world is magical! I want to capture that joy, beauty, and adventure through my photography.

A portrait of the Seattle wedding photographer, Wiley Putnam.

Things I love

And things that make me happy

  1. Photography is obviously at the top of this list! I’m such a nostalgic person and will always be capturing moments big and small. Film cameras, polaroids, and of course digital cameras are a must have.
  2. Board games. Monopoly, Risk, Settlers, Ticket to Ride.
  3. Coffee. Years ago I worked at a coffee shop and it ruined me for coffee – now it’s a constant craving.
  4. Hiking/Camping. I love getting out in nature and exploring.
  5. Traveling. I want to see the world! So many places on my bucket list: Japan, Thailand, India, Kenya, Chile, to name a few.
  6. Motorcycles. After reading Jupiter’s Travels, it’s been a bucket list to go around the world on my Triumph.
Wiley standing in the forrest taking a picture

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About Wiley Putnam, a Seattle based wedding photographer. Available for wedding and engagements in Seattle and destination venues.